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RiverValleyHome Team real estate clients have free use of moving truck!

How can I use Debbie's RiverValleyHome Team moving truck?

  1. Buy or sell a property with any member of our team
  2. Contact your RiverValleyHome Team broker or agent to schedule
  3. Use the truck as often as you want, and even years into the future, so long as you don't work with a non team-member real estate broker or agent

What's the fine print?

  1. Driver of the truck has a valid driver's license and will keep the truck in driver's possession.
  2. Debbie's RiverValleyHome Team is loaning the truck to you. RE/MAX & RE/MAX First have no responsibility or involvement.
  3. Debbie's RiverValleyHome Team has accident insurance coverage on the truck. This insurance doesn't cover your personal items or you for personal injury! We recommend you contact your owners/renters insurance agent to ensure that you are covered for yourself and personal property during your move.
  4. Please think safety first, and take care of yourself!
  5. Driver is responsible for any traffic citations.
  6. Driver will not operate the truck while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any substance that could alter your ability to drive safely.
  7. Driver will contact us before hiring a mechanic or towing service for the truck. If you can't contact us, just use sound judgment in having the truck repaired, and please keep all receipts.
  8. You agree to hold harmless Debbie's RiverValleyHome Team, Bob & Debbie Weibler, Sarah Ledford, Kathy Freeman, Dale Stayton, Shannon Nuckols, Spencer Moody, Sharon Wheeler, RE/MAX & RE/MAX First for any/all accidents, injuries and/or damages to you or your personal property during the loan of this moving truck. You are responsible for yourself and your personal items.

I'm ready to move. Please get me on the schedule!

We appreciate your business! It's our pleasure to allow you free use of our moving truck as a token of our appreciation. Just fill out the short form below.